TikTok and Facebook dating networks threatened with fines by the Russian government for aiding Navalny protests

Protests have rocked major cities in Russia over the opposition leader’s arrest. The Kremlin has warned major social media platforms of sanctions if they fail to promote protests using their platforms.

Top social networks on the bridge of fines by Russia

Russia has issued a stern warning to various social media networks like TikTok and Facebook over the alleged fueling of protest against the Russian government. Big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok have refused to adhere to the Kremlin order to delete posts supporting young people to protest against the arrest of president Putin critic, Alexei Navalny.

Fines could be issued against erring social networks ranging between $54,000 to $69,000. In recent weeks, there have been demonstrations protesting against the unfair arrest of opposition leader, Navalny. Thousands of protesters besiege the major cities and defied security warnings to attend the rallies.

Social networks need to respect Russian laws—Russian media agency

The Russian government believed social media played a crucial role in spreading negative information about the government. Also, media giants, particularly TikTok and Facebook have been accused of showing videos of those protests fueling violent reactions. The Kremlin media watcher, Roskomnadzor has told network apps to remove all information that encouraged minors to act in violent acts.

The arrested Kremlin critic, Mr. Navalny, has called on his supporters and sympathizers to protest his illegal arrest. He was taken into custody by security operatives immediately after he touched down at the Moscow airport on January 16. Roskomnadzor has insisted all network firms would be fined heavily if they fail to regulate how their platforms are used to encourage young people to commit violent acts.

Russia has banned encouraging citizens under 18 to participate in any kind of protest and demonstrations. The Kremlin watchdog said it has made about 150 appeals to these network platforms to desist from these acts, but the response has been low.

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